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VMAP::WModelRayCallBack Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 WModelRayCallBack (const std::vector< GroupModel > &mod)
bool operator() (const G3D::Ray &ray, uint32 entry, float &distance, bool pStopAtFirstHit)

Public Attributes

std::vector< GroupModel >
bool hit

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VMAP::WModelRayCallBack::WModelRayCallBack ( const std::vector< GroupModel > &  mod)
437 : models(mod.begin()), hit(false) { }
bool hit
Definition: WorldModel.cpp:445
std::vector< GroupModel >::const_iterator models
Definition: WorldModel.cpp:444

Member Function Documentation

bool VMAP::WModelRayCallBack::operator() ( const G3D::Ray ray,
uint32  entry,
float &  distance,
bool  pStopAtFirstHit 
439  {
440  bool result = models[entry].IntersectRay(ray, distance, pStopAtFirstHit);
441  if (result) hit=true;
442  return hit;
443  }
bool hit
Definition: WorldModel.cpp:445
double distance(double x, double y)
Definition: g3dmath.h:731
std::vector< GroupModel >::const_iterator models
Definition: WorldModel.cpp:444

Member Data Documentation

bool VMAP::WModelRayCallBack::hit
std::vector<GroupModel>::const_iterator VMAP::WModelRayCallBack::models

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