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fmt::AlignSpec Struct Reference

#include <format.h>

Public Member Functions

 AlignSpec (unsigned width, wchar_t fill, Alignment align=ALIGN_DEFAULT)
Alignment align () const
int precision () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from fmt::WidthSpec
 WidthSpec (unsigned width, wchar_t fill)
unsigned width () const
wchar_t fill () const

Public Attributes

Alignment align_
- Public Attributes inherited from fmt::WidthSpec
unsigned width_
wchar_t fill_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

fmt::AlignSpec::AlignSpec ( unsigned  width,
wchar_t  fill,
Alignment  align = ALIGN_DEFAULT 
1501  : WidthSpec(width, fill), align_(align) {}
Alignment align_
Definition: format.h:1498
WidthSpec(unsigned width, wchar_t fill)
Definition: format.h:1490
Alignment align() const
Definition: format.h:1503
wchar_t fill() const
Definition: format.h:1493
unsigned width() const
Definition: format.h:1492

Member Function Documentation

Alignment fmt::AlignSpec::align ( ) const
1503 { return align_; }
Alignment align_
Definition: format.h:1498

+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

int fmt::AlignSpec::precision ( ) const
1505 { return -1; }

Member Data Documentation

Alignment fmt::AlignSpec::align_

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