Mail Struct Reference

#include <Mail.h>

Public Member Functions

void AddItem (ObjectGuid::LowType itemGuidLow, uint32 item_template)
bool RemoveItem (ObjectGuid::LowType item_guid)
bool HasItems () const

Public Attributes

uint64 messageID
uint8 messageType
uint8 stationery
uint16 mailTemplateId
ObjectGuid::LowType sender
ObjectGuid::LowType receiver
std::string subject
std::string body
std::vector< MailItemInfoitems
std::vector< ObjectGuid::LowTyperemovedItems
time_t expire_time
time_t deliver_time
uint64 money
uint64 COD
uint32 checked
MailState state

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

◆ AddItem()

void Mail::AddItem ( ObjectGuid::LowType  itemGuidLow,
uint32  item_template 

Definition at line 193 of file Mail.h.

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◆ HasItems()

bool Mail::HasItems ( ) const

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◆ RemoveItem()

bool Mail::RemoveItem ( ObjectGuid::LowType  item_guid)

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Member Data Documentation

◆ body

std::string Mail::body

Definition at line 183 of file Mail.h.

◆ checked

uint32 Mail::checked

Definition at line 190 of file Mail.h.


uint64 Mail::COD

Definition at line 189 of file Mail.h.

◆ deliver_time

time_t Mail::deliver_time

Definition at line 187 of file Mail.h.

◆ expire_time

time_t Mail::expire_time

Definition at line 186 of file Mail.h.

◆ items

std::vector<MailItemInfo> Mail::items

Definition at line 184 of file Mail.h.

◆ mailTemplateId

uint16 Mail::mailTemplateId

Definition at line 179 of file Mail.h.

◆ messageID

uint64 Mail::messageID

Definition at line 176 of file Mail.h.

◆ messageType

uint8 Mail::messageType

Definition at line 177 of file Mail.h.

◆ money

uint64 Mail::money

Definition at line 188 of file Mail.h.

◆ receiver

ObjectGuid::LowType Mail::receiver

Definition at line 181 of file Mail.h.

◆ removedItems

std::vector<ObjectGuid::LowType> Mail::removedItems

Definition at line 185 of file Mail.h.

◆ sender

ObjectGuid::LowType Mail::sender

Definition at line 180 of file Mail.h.

◆ state

MailState Mail::state

Definition at line 191 of file Mail.h.

◆ stationery

uint8 Mail::stationery

Definition at line 178 of file Mail.h.

◆ subject

std::string Mail::subject

Definition at line 182 of file Mail.h.

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