PreparedResultSet Class Reference

#include <QueryResult.h>

Public Member Functions

 PreparedResultSet (MySQLStmt *stmt, MySQLResult *result, uint64 rowCount, uint32 fieldCount)
 ~PreparedResultSet ()
bool NextRow ()
uint64 GetRowCount () const
uint32 GetFieldCount () const
FieldFetch () const
Field const & operator[] (std::size_t index) const

Protected Attributes

std::vector< QueryResultFieldMetadatam_fieldMetadata
std::vector< Fieldm_rows
uint64 m_rowCount
uint64 m_rowPosition
uint32 m_fieldCount

Private Member Functions

void CleanUp ()
bool _NextRow ()
 PreparedResultSet (PreparedResultSet const &right)=delete
PreparedResultSetoperator= (PreparedResultSet const &right)=delete

Private Attributes

 Field metadata, returned by mysql_stmt_result_metadata. More...

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PreparedResultSet() [1/2]

PreparedResultSet::PreparedResultSet ( MySQLStmt stmt,
MySQLResult result,
uint64  rowCount,
uint32  fieldCount 

All data is buffered, let go of mysql c api structures

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◆ ~PreparedResultSet()

PreparedResultSet::~PreparedResultSet ( )

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◆ PreparedResultSet() [2/2]

PreparedResultSet::PreparedResultSet ( PreparedResultSet const &  right)

Member Function Documentation

◆ _NextRow()

bool PreparedResultSet::_NextRow ( )

Only called in low-level code, namely the constructor Will iterate over every row of data and buffer it

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◆ CleanUp()

void PreparedResultSet::CleanUp ( )

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◆ Fetch()

Field * PreparedResultSet::Fetch ( ) const

Definition at line 446 of file QueryResult.cpp.

◆ GetFieldCount()

uint32 PreparedResultSet::GetFieldCount ( ) const

Definition at line 61 of file QueryResult.h.

◆ GetRowCount()

uint64 PreparedResultSet::GetRowCount ( ) const

Definition at line 60 of file QueryResult.h.

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◆ NextRow()

bool PreparedResultSet::NextRow ( )

Only updates the m_rowPosition so upper level code knows in which element of the rows vector to look

Definition at line 391 of file QueryResult.cpp.

◆ operator=()

PreparedResultSet & PreparedResultSet::operator= ( PreparedResultSet const &  right)

◆ operator[]()

Field const & PreparedResultSet::operator[] ( std::size_t  index) const

Definition at line 452 of file QueryResult.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_fieldCount

uint32 PreparedResultSet::m_fieldCount

Definition at line 71 of file QueryResult.h.

◆ m_fieldMetadata

std::vector<QueryResultFieldMetadata> PreparedResultSet::m_fieldMetadata

Definition at line 67 of file QueryResult.h.

◆ m_metadataResult

MySQLResult* PreparedResultSet::m_metadataResult

Field metadata, returned by mysql_stmt_result_metadata.

Definition at line 76 of file QueryResult.h.

◆ m_rBind

MySQLBind* PreparedResultSet::m_rBind

Definition at line 74 of file QueryResult.h.

◆ m_rowCount

uint64 PreparedResultSet::m_rowCount

Definition at line 69 of file QueryResult.h.

◆ m_rowPosition

uint64 PreparedResultSet::m_rowPosition

Definition at line 70 of file QueryResult.h.

◆ m_rows

std::vector<Field> PreparedResultSet::m_rows

Definition at line 68 of file QueryResult.h.

◆ m_stmt

MySQLStmt* PreparedResultSet::m_stmt

Definition at line 75 of file QueryResult.h.

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