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VMAP::TriBoundFunc Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 TriBoundFunc (std::vector< Vector3 > &vert)
void operator() (const MeshTriangle &tri, G3D::AABox &out) const

Protected Attributes

const std::vector< Vector3 >

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VMAP::TriBoundFunc::TriBoundFunc ( std::vector< Vector3 > &  vert)
87 : vertices(vert.begin()) { }
const std::vector< Vector3 >::const_iterator vertices
Definition: WorldModel.cpp:99

Member Function Documentation

void VMAP::TriBoundFunc::operator() ( const MeshTriangle tri,
G3D::AABox out 
) const
89  {
90  G3D::Vector3 lo = vertices[tri.idx0];
91  G3D::Vector3 hi = lo;
93  lo = (lo.min(vertices[tri.idx1])).min(vertices[tri.idx2]);
94  hi = (hi.max(vertices[tri.idx1])).max(vertices[tri.idx2]);
96  out = G3D::AABox(lo, hi);
97  }
Vector3 __fastcall max(const Vector3 &v) const
Definition: Vector3.h:794
Vector3 __fastcall min(const Vector3 &v) const
Definition: Vector3.h:789
T max(const T &x, const T &y)
Definition: g3dmath.h:320
Definition: Vector3.h:58
T min(const T &x, const T &y)
Definition: g3dmath.h:305
Definition: AABox.h:32
const std::vector< Vector3 >::const_iterator vertices
Definition: WorldModel.cpp:99

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Member Data Documentation

const std::vector<Vector3>::const_iterator VMAP::TriBoundFunc::vertices

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