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SQLQueryHolder< T > Class Template Reference

#include <QueryHolder.h>

Public Member Functions

bool SetPreparedQuery (size_t index, PreparedStatement< T > *stmt)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SQLQueryHolderBase
 SQLQueryHolderBase ()=default
virtual ~SQLQueryHolderBase ()
void SetSize (size_t size)
PreparedQueryResult GetPreparedResult (size_t index) const
void SetPreparedResult (size_t index, PreparedResultSet *result)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SQLQueryHolderBase
bool SetPreparedQueryImpl (size_t index, PreparedStatementBase *stmt)

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetPreparedQuery()

template<typename T >
bool SQLQueryHolder< T >::SetPreparedQuery ( size_t  index,
PreparedStatement< T > *  stmt 
45 {
46 return SetPreparedQueryImpl(index, stmt);
47 }
bool SetPreparedQueryImpl(size_t index, PreparedStatementBase *stmt)
Definition: QueryHolder.cpp:25
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