BattlePetSpeciesEntry Struct Reference

#include <DB2Structure.h>

Public Member Functions

EnumFlag< BattlePetSpeciesFlagsGetFlags () const

Public Attributes

LocalizedString Description
LocalizedString SourceText
uint32 ID
int32 CreatureID
int32 SummonSpellID
int32 IconFileDataID
int8 PetTypeEnum
int32 Flags
int8 SourceTypeEnum
int32 CardUIModelSceneID
int32 LoadoutUIModelSceneID
int32 CovenantID

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

◆ GetFlags()

EnumFlag< BattlePetSpeciesFlags > BattlePetSpeciesEntry::GetFlags ( ) const

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Member Data Documentation

◆ CardUIModelSceneID

int32 BattlePetSpeciesEntry::CardUIModelSceneID

Definition at line 483 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ CovenantID

int32 BattlePetSpeciesEntry::CovenantID

Definition at line 485 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ CreatureID

int32 BattlePetSpeciesEntry::CreatureID

Definition at line 477 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ Description

LocalizedString BattlePetSpeciesEntry::Description

Definition at line 474 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ Flags

int32 BattlePetSpeciesEntry::Flags

Definition at line 481 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ IconFileDataID

int32 BattlePetSpeciesEntry::IconFileDataID

Definition at line 479 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ ID

uint32 BattlePetSpeciesEntry::ID

Definition at line 476 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ LoadoutUIModelSceneID

int32 BattlePetSpeciesEntry::LoadoutUIModelSceneID

Definition at line 484 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ PetTypeEnum

int8 BattlePetSpeciesEntry::PetTypeEnum

Definition at line 480 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ SourceText

LocalizedString BattlePetSpeciesEntry::SourceText

Definition at line 475 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ SourceTypeEnum

int8 BattlePetSpeciesEntry::SourceTypeEnum

Definition at line 482 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ SummonSpellID

int32 BattlePetSpeciesEntry::SummonSpellID

Definition at line 478 of file DB2Structure.h.

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