WorldPackets::Battleground::PVPMatchStatistics Struct Reference

#include <BattlegroundPackets.h>


struct  HonorData
struct  PVPMatchPlayerPVPStat
struct  PVPMatchPlayerStatistics
struct  RatingData

Public Attributes

std::vector< PVPMatchPlayerStatisticsStatistics
Optional< RatingDataRatings
std::array< int8, 2 > PlayerCount = { }

Detailed Description

Definition at line 96 of file BattlegroundPackets.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ PlayerCount

std::array<int8, 2> WorldPackets::Battleground::PVPMatchStatistics::PlayerCount = { }

Definition at line 151 of file BattlegroundPackets.h.

◆ Ratings

Optional<RatingData> WorldPackets::Battleground::PVPMatchStatistics::Ratings

Definition at line 150 of file BattlegroundPackets.h.

◆ Statistics

std::vector<PVPMatchPlayerStatistics> WorldPackets::Battleground::PVPMatchStatistics::Statistics

Definition at line 149 of file BattlegroundPackets.h.

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