AzeriteEssencePowerEntry Struct Reference

#include <DB2Structure.h>

Public Attributes

uint32 ID
LocalizedString SourceAlliance
LocalizedString SourceHorde
int32 AzeriteEssenceID
uint8 Tier
int32 MajorPowerDescription
int32 MinorPowerDescription
int32 MajorPowerActual
int32 MinorPowerActual

Detailed Description

Definition at line 332 of file DB2Structure.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ AzeriteEssenceID

int32 AzeriteEssencePowerEntry::AzeriteEssenceID

Definition at line 337 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ ID

uint32 AzeriteEssencePowerEntry::ID

Definition at line 334 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ MajorPowerActual

int32 AzeriteEssencePowerEntry::MajorPowerActual

Definition at line 341 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ MajorPowerDescription

int32 AzeriteEssencePowerEntry::MajorPowerDescription

Definition at line 339 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ MinorPowerActual

int32 AzeriteEssencePowerEntry::MinorPowerActual

Definition at line 342 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ MinorPowerDescription

int32 AzeriteEssencePowerEntry::MinorPowerDescription

Definition at line 340 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ SourceAlliance

LocalizedString AzeriteEssencePowerEntry::SourceAlliance

Definition at line 335 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ SourceHorde

LocalizedString AzeriteEssencePowerEntry::SourceHorde

Definition at line 336 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ Tier

uint8 AzeriteEssencePowerEntry::Tier

Definition at line 338 of file DB2Structure.h.

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