SpellReagentsEntry Struct Reference

#include <DB2Structure.h>

Public Attributes

uint32 ID
int32 SpellID
std::array< int32, MAX_SPELL_REAGENTSReagent
std::array< int16, MAX_SPELL_REAGENTSReagentCount
std::array< int16, MAX_SPELL_REAGENTSReagentRecraftCount
std::array< uint8, MAX_SPELL_REAGENTSReagentSource

Detailed Description

Definition at line 3802 of file DB2Structure.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ ID

uint32 SpellReagentsEntry::ID

Definition at line 3804 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ Reagent

std::array<int32, MAX_SPELL_REAGENTS> SpellReagentsEntry::Reagent

Definition at line 3806 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ ReagentCount

std::array<int16, MAX_SPELL_REAGENTS> SpellReagentsEntry::ReagentCount

Definition at line 3807 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ ReagentRecraftCount

std::array<int16, MAX_SPELL_REAGENTS> SpellReagentsEntry::ReagentRecraftCount

Definition at line 3808 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ ReagentSource

std::array<uint8, MAX_SPELL_REAGENTS> SpellReagentsEntry::ReagentSource

Definition at line 3809 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ SpellID

int32 SpellReagentsEntry::SpellID

Definition at line 3805 of file DB2Structure.h.

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