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WorldPackets::ClientPacket Class Reference

#include <Packet.h>

Public Member Functions

 ClientPacket (WorldPacket &&packet)
 ClientPacket (OpcodeClient expectedOpcode, WorldPacket &&packet)
WorldPacket constWrite () overridefinal
OpcodeClient GetOpcode () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from WorldPackets::Packet
 Packet (WorldPacket &&worldPacket)
virtual ~Packet ()=default
 Packet (Packet const &right)=delete
Packetoperator= (Packet const &right)=delete
virtual void Read ()=0
WorldPacket constGetRawPacket () const
size_t GetSize () const
ConnectionType GetConnection () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from WorldPackets::Packet
WorldPacket _worldPacket

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

WorldPackets::ClientPacket::ClientPacket ( WorldPacket &&  packet)
62 : Packet(std::move(packet)) { }
Packet(WorldPacket &&worldPacket)
Definition: Packet.h:28
WorldPackets::ClientPacket::ClientPacket ( OpcodeClient  expectedOpcode,
WorldPacket &&  packet 
63 : Packet(std::move(packet)) { ASSERT(GetOpcode() == expectedOpcode); }
OpcodeClient GetOpcode() const
Definition: Packet.h:72
#define ASSERT
Definition: Errors.h:55
Packet(WorldPacket &&worldPacket)
Definition: Packet.h:28

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Member Function Documentation

OpcodeClient WorldPackets::ClientPacket::GetOpcode ( ) const
72 { return OpcodeClient(_worldPacket.GetOpcode()); }
uint32 GetOpcode() const
Definition: WorldPacket.h:79
WorldPacket _worldPacket
Definition: Packet.h:43
Definition: Opcodes.h:46

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WorldPacket const* WorldPackets::ClientPacket::Write ( )

Implements WorldPackets::Packet.

66  {
67  ASSERT(!"Write not allowed for client packets.");
68  // Shut up some compilers
69  return nullptr;
70  }
#define ASSERT
Definition: Errors.h:55

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