MovementUtil.cpp File Reference
#include "MovementTypedefs.h"
#include "MoveSplineFlag.h"
#include <cmath>
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namespace  Movement


float Movement::computeFallTime (float path_length, bool isSafeFall)
float Movement::computeFallElevation (float t_passed, bool isSafeFall, float start_velocity=0.0f)
template<class Flags , int N>
void Movement::PrintFlags (Flags t, char const *(&names)[N], std::string &str)
TC_GAME_API std::string Movement::MovementFlags_ToString (uint32 flags)
TC_GAME_API std::string Movement::MovementFlagsExtra_ToString (uint32 flags)


float constexpr Movement::terminalVelocity = 60.148003f
 Velocity bounds that makes fall speed limited. More...
float constexpr Movement::terminalSafefallVelocity = 7.0f
float constexpr Movement::terminal_length = float(terminalVelocity * terminalVelocity) / (2.0f * gravity)
float constexpr Movement::terminal_safeFall_length = (terminalSafefallVelocity * terminalSafefallVelocity) / (2.0f * gravity)
float constexpr Movement::terminal_fallTime = float(terminalVelocity / gravity)
float constexpr Movement::terminal_safeFall_fallTime = float(terminalSafefallVelocity / gravity)
char const * Movement::MovementFlagNames []
char const * Movement::MovementFlagExtraNames []
char const * Movement::SplineFlagNames [32]