spell_yogg_saron_keeper_aura::spell_yogg_saron_keeper_aura_AuraScript Class Reference
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Private Member Functions

bool CanApply (Unit *target)
void Register () override

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from AuraScript
 AuraScript ()
 ~AuraScript ()
bool _Validate (SpellInfo const *entry) override
bool _Load (Aura *aura)
void _PrepareScriptCall (AuraScriptHookType hookType, AuraApplication const *aurApp=nullptr)
void _FinishScriptCall ()
bool _IsDefaultActionPrevented () const
void PreventDefaultAction ()
SpellInfo const * GetSpellInfo () const
SpellEffectInfo const & GetEffectInfo (SpellEffIndex effIndex) const
uint32 GetId () const
ObjectGuid GetCasterGUID () const
UnitGetCaster () const
GameObjectGetGObjCaster () const
WorldObjectGetOwner () const
UnitGetUnitOwner () const
DynamicObjectGetDynobjOwner () const
void Remove (AuraRemoveMode removeMode=AURA_REMOVE_BY_DEFAULT)
AuraGetAura () const
AuraObjectType GetType () const
int32 GetDuration () const
void SetDuration (int32 duration, bool withMods=false)
void RefreshDuration ()
time_t GetApplyTime () const
int32 GetMaxDuration () const
void SetMaxDuration (int32 duration)
int32 CalcMaxDuration () const
bool IsExpired () const
bool IsPermanent () const
uint8 GetCharges () const
void SetCharges (uint8 charges)
uint8 CalcMaxCharges () const
bool ModCharges (int8 num, AuraRemoveMode removeMode=AURA_REMOVE_BY_DEFAULT)
bool DropCharge (AuraRemoveMode removeMode=AURA_REMOVE_BY_DEFAULT)
uint8 GetStackAmount () const
void SetStackAmount (uint8 num)
bool ModStackAmount (int32 num, AuraRemoveMode removeMode=AURA_REMOVE_BY_DEFAULT)
bool IsPassive () const
bool IsDeathPersistent () const
bool HasEffect (uint8 effIndex) const
AuraEffectGetEffect (uint8 effIndex) const
bool HasEffectType (AuraType type) const
UnitGetTarget () const
AuraApplication const * GetTargetApplication () const
Difficulty GetCastDifficulty () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SpellScriptBase
 SpellScriptBase ()
virtual ~SpellScriptBase ()
 SpellScriptBase (SpellScriptBase const &right)=delete
 SpellScriptBase (SpellScriptBase &&right)=delete
SpellScriptBaseoperator= (SpellScriptBase const &right)=delete
SpellScriptBaseoperator= (SpellScriptBase &&right)=delete
void _Register ()
void _Unload ()
void _Init (std::string const &scriptname, uint32 spellId)
std::string_view GetScriptName () const
virtual void Register ()=0
virtual bool Validate (SpellInfo const *spellInfo)
virtual bool Load ()
virtual void Unload ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SpellScriptBase
static bool ValidateSpellInfo (std::initializer_list< uint32 > spellIds)
template<class T >
static bool ValidateSpellInfo (T const &spellIds)
static bool ValidateSpellEffect (std::initializer_list< std::pair< uint32, SpellEffIndex > > effects)
template<class T >
static bool ValidateSpellEffect (T const &spellEffects)
- Public Attributes inherited from AuraScript
HookList< CheckAreaTargetHandlerDoCheckAreaTarget
HookList< AuraDispelHandlerOnDispel
HookList< AuraDispelHandlerAfterDispel
HookList< EffectApplyHandlerOnEffectApply
HookList< EffectApplyHandlerAfterEffectApply
HookList< EffectApplyHandlerOnEffectRemove
HookList< EffectApplyHandlerAfterEffectRemove
HookList< EffectPeriodicHandlerOnEffectPeriodic
HookList< EffectUpdatePeriodicHandlerOnEffectUpdatePeriodic
HookList< EffectCalcAmountHandlerDoEffectCalcAmount
HookList< EffectCalcPeriodicHandlerDoEffectCalcPeriodic
HookList< EffectCalcSpellModHandlerDoEffectCalcSpellMod
HookList< EffectCalcCritChanceHandlerDoEffectCalcCritChance
HookList< EffectCalcDamageAndHealingHandlerDoEffectCalcDamageAndHealing
HookList< EffectAbsorbHandlerOnEffectAbsorb
HookList< EffectAbsorbHandlerAfterEffectAbsorb
HookList< EffectAbsorbHealHandlerOnEffectAbsorbHeal
HookList< EffectAbsorbHealHandlerAfterEffectAbsorbHeal
HookList< EffectAbsorbHandlerOnEffectManaShield
HookList< EffectAbsorbHandlerAfterEffectManaShield
HookList< EffectAbsorbHandlerOnEffectSplit
HookList< CheckProcHandlerDoCheckProc
HookList< CheckEffectProcHandlerDoCheckEffectProc
HookList< AuraProcHandlerDoPrepareProc
HookList< AuraProcHandlerOnProc
HookList< AuraProcHandlerAfterProc
HookList< EffectProcHandlerOnEffectProc
HookList< EffectProcHandlerAfterEffectProc
HookList< EnterLeaveCombatHandlerOnEnterLeaveCombat
- Protected Types inherited from SpellScriptBase
template<typename ScriptFunc >
using GetScriptClass_t = typename GetScriptClass< ScriptFunc >::type
virtual bool _Validate (SpellInfo const *entry)
- Protected Attributes inherited from SpellScriptBase
uint8 m_currentScriptState
std::string_view m_scriptName
uint32 m_scriptSpellId

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Member Function Documentation

◆ CanApply()

bool spell_yogg_saron_keeper_aura::spell_yogg_saron_keeper_aura_AuraScript::CanApply ( Unit target)

Definition at line 2993 of file boss_yogg_saron.cpp.

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◆ Register()

void spell_yogg_saron_keeper_aura::spell_yogg_saron_keeper_aura_AuraScript::Register ( )

Implements SpellScriptBase.

Definition at line 3000 of file boss_yogg_saron.cpp.

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