GameObjectDisplayInfoEntry Struct Reference

#include <DB2Structure.h>

Public Attributes

uint32 ID
DBCPosition3D GeoBoxMin
DBCPosition3D GeoBoxMax
int32 FileDataID
int16 ObjectEffectPackageID
float OverrideLootEffectScale
float OverrideNameScale
int32 AlternateDisplayType
int32 ClientCreatureDisplayInfoID
int32 ClientItemID

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1680 of file DB2Structure.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ AlternateDisplayType

int32 GameObjectDisplayInfoEntry::AlternateDisplayType

Definition at line 1689 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ ClientCreatureDisplayInfoID

int32 GameObjectDisplayInfoEntry::ClientCreatureDisplayInfoID

Definition at line 1690 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ ClientItemID

int32 GameObjectDisplayInfoEntry::ClientItemID

Definition at line 1691 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ FileDataID

int32 GameObjectDisplayInfoEntry::FileDataID

Definition at line 1685 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ GeoBoxMax

DBCPosition3D GameObjectDisplayInfoEntry::GeoBoxMax

Definition at line 1684 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ GeoBoxMin

DBCPosition3D GameObjectDisplayInfoEntry::GeoBoxMin

Definition at line 1683 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ ID

uint32 GameObjectDisplayInfoEntry::ID

Definition at line 1682 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ ObjectEffectPackageID

int16 GameObjectDisplayInfoEntry::ObjectEffectPackageID

Definition at line 1686 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ OverrideLootEffectScale

float GameObjectDisplayInfoEntry::OverrideLootEffectScale

Definition at line 1687 of file DB2Structure.h.

◆ OverrideNameScale

float GameObjectDisplayInfoEntry::OverrideNameScale

Definition at line 1688 of file DB2Structure.h.

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