CreatureTemplate Struct Reference

#include <CreatureData.h>

Public Member Functions

CreatureModel const * GetModelByIdx (uint32 idx) const
CreatureModel const * GetRandomValidModel () const
CreatureModel const * GetFirstValidModel () const
CreatureModel const * GetModelWithDisplayId (uint32 displayId) const
CreatureModel const * GetFirstInvisibleModel () const
CreatureModel const * GetFirstVisibleModel () const
CreatureDifficulty const * GetDifficulty (Difficulty difficulty) const
bool IsExotic (CreatureDifficulty const *creatureDifficulty) const
bool IsTameable (bool canTameExotic, CreatureDifficulty const *creatureDifficulty) const
void InitializeQueryData ()
WorldPacket BuildQueryData (LocaleConstant loc, Difficulty difficulty) const

Public Attributes

uint32 Entry
uint32 KillCredit [MAX_KILL_CREDIT]
std::vector< CreatureModelModels
std::string Name
std::string FemaleName
std::string SubName
std::string TitleAlt
std::string IconName
std::vector< uint32GossipMenuIds
std::unordered_map< Difficulty, CreatureDifficultydifficultyStore
uint32 RequiredExpansion
uint32 VignetteID
uint32 faction
uint64 npcflag
float speed_walk
float speed_run
float scale
CreatureClassifications Classification
uint32 dmgschool
uint32 BaseAttackTime
uint32 RangeAttackTime
float BaseVariance
float RangeVariance
uint32 unit_class
uint32 unit_flags
uint32 unit_flags2
uint32 unit_flags3
CreatureFamily family
uint32 trainer_class
uint32 type
int32 resistance [MAX_SPELL_SCHOOL]
uint32 spells [MAX_CREATURE_SPELLS]
uint32 VehicleId
std::string AIName
uint32 MovementType
CreatureMovementData Movement
float ModExperience
bool RacialLeader
uint32 movementId
int32 WidgetSetID
int32 WidgetSetUnitConditionID
bool RegenHealth
int32 CreatureImmunitiesId
uint32 flags_extra
uint32 ScriptID
std::string StringId
WorldPacket QueryData [TOTAL_LOCALES]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 478 of file CreatureData.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ BuildQueryData()

WorldPacket CreatureTemplate::BuildQueryData ( LocaleConstant  loc,
Difficulty  difficulty 
) const

Definition at line 168 of file Creature.cpp.

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◆ GetDifficulty()

CreatureDifficulty const * CreatureTemplate::GetDifficulty ( Difficulty  difficulty) const

Definition at line 238 of file Creature.cpp.

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◆ GetFirstInvisibleModel()

CreatureModel const * CreatureTemplate::GetFirstInvisibleModel ( ) const

Definition at line 142 of file Creature.cpp.

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◆ GetFirstValidModel()

CreatureModel const * CreatureTemplate::GetFirstValidModel ( ) const

Definition at line 124 of file Creature.cpp.

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◆ GetFirstVisibleModel()

CreatureModel const * CreatureTemplate::GetFirstVisibleModel ( ) const

Definition at line 152 of file Creature.cpp.

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◆ GetModelByIdx()

CreatureModel const * CreatureTemplate::GetModelByIdx ( uint32  idx) const

Definition at line 102 of file Creature.cpp.

◆ GetModelWithDisplayId()

CreatureModel const * CreatureTemplate::GetModelWithDisplayId ( uint32  displayId) const

Definition at line 133 of file Creature.cpp.

◆ GetRandomValidModel()

CreatureModel const * CreatureTemplate::GetRandomValidModel ( ) const

Definition at line 107 of file Creature.cpp.

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+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ InitializeQueryData()

void CreatureTemplate::InitializeQueryData ( )

Definition at line 162 of file Creature.cpp.

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◆ IsExotic()

bool CreatureTemplate::IsExotic ( CreatureDifficulty const *  creatureDifficulty) const

Definition at line 536 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ IsTameable()

bool CreatureTemplate::IsTameable ( bool  canTameExotic,
CreatureDifficulty const *  creatureDifficulty 
) const

Definition at line 541 of file CreatureData.h.

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Member Data Documentation

◆ AIName

std::string CreatureTemplate::AIName

Definition at line 513 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ BaseAttackTime

uint32 CreatureTemplate::BaseAttackTime

Definition at line 499 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ BaseVariance

float CreatureTemplate::BaseVariance

Definition at line 501 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ Classification

CreatureClassifications CreatureTemplate::Classification

Definition at line 497 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ CreatureImmunitiesId

int32 CreatureTemplate::CreatureImmunitiesId

Definition at line 522 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ difficultyStore

std::unordered_map<Difficulty, CreatureDifficulty> CreatureTemplate::difficultyStore

Definition at line 489 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ dmgschool

uint32 CreatureTemplate::dmgschool

Definition at line 498 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ Entry

uint32 CreatureTemplate::Entry

Definition at line 480 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ faction

uint32 CreatureTemplate::faction

Definition at line 492 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ family

CreatureFamily CreatureTemplate::family

Definition at line 507 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ FemaleName

std::string CreatureTemplate::FemaleName

Definition at line 484 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ flags_extra

uint32 CreatureTemplate::flags_extra

Definition at line 523 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ GossipMenuIds

std::vector<uint32> CreatureTemplate::GossipMenuIds

Definition at line 488 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ IconName

std::string CreatureTemplate::IconName

Definition at line 487 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ KillCredit

uint32 CreatureTemplate::KillCredit[MAX_KILL_CREDIT]

Definition at line 481 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ Models

std::vector<CreatureModel> CreatureTemplate::Models

Definition at line 482 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ ModExperience

float CreatureTemplate::ModExperience

Definition at line 516 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ Movement

CreatureMovementData CreatureTemplate::Movement

Definition at line 515 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ movementId

uint32 CreatureTemplate::movementId

Definition at line 518 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ MovementType

uint32 CreatureTemplate::MovementType

Definition at line 514 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ Name

std::string CreatureTemplate::Name

Definition at line 483 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ npcflag

uint64 CreatureTemplate::npcflag

Definition at line 493 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ QueryData

WorldPacket CreatureTemplate::QueryData[TOTAL_LOCALES]

Definition at line 526 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ RacialLeader

bool CreatureTemplate::RacialLeader

Definition at line 517 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ RangeAttackTime

uint32 CreatureTemplate::RangeAttackTime

Definition at line 500 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ RangeVariance

float CreatureTemplate::RangeVariance

Definition at line 502 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ RegenHealth

bool CreatureTemplate::RegenHealth

Definition at line 521 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ RequiredExpansion

uint32 CreatureTemplate::RequiredExpansion

Definition at line 490 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ resistance

int32 CreatureTemplate::resistance[MAX_SPELL_SCHOOL]

Definition at line 510 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ scale

float CreatureTemplate::scale

Definition at line 496 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ ScriptID

uint32 CreatureTemplate::ScriptID

Definition at line 524 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ speed_run

float CreatureTemplate::speed_run

Definition at line 495 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ speed_walk

float CreatureTemplate::speed_walk

Definition at line 494 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ spells

uint32 CreatureTemplate::spells[MAX_CREATURE_SPELLS]

Definition at line 511 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ StringId

std::string CreatureTemplate::StringId

Definition at line 525 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ SubName

std::string CreatureTemplate::SubName

Definition at line 485 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ TitleAlt

std::string CreatureTemplate::TitleAlt

Definition at line 486 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ trainer_class

uint32 CreatureTemplate::trainer_class

Definition at line 508 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ type

uint32 CreatureTemplate::type

Definition at line 509 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ unit_class

uint32 CreatureTemplate::unit_class

Definition at line 503 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ unit_flags

uint32 CreatureTemplate::unit_flags

Definition at line 504 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ unit_flags2

uint32 CreatureTemplate::unit_flags2

Definition at line 505 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ unit_flags3

uint32 CreatureTemplate::unit_flags3

Definition at line 506 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ VehicleId

uint32 CreatureTemplate::VehicleId

Definition at line 512 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ VignetteID

uint32 CreatureTemplate::VignetteID

Definition at line 491 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ WidgetSetID

int32 CreatureTemplate::WidgetSetID

Definition at line 519 of file CreatureData.h.

◆ WidgetSetUnitConditionID

int32 CreatureTemplate::WidgetSetUnitConditionID

Definition at line 520 of file CreatureData.h.

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