instance_pit_of_saron::instance_pit_of_saron_InstanceScript Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

 instance_pit_of_saron_InstanceScript (InstanceMap *map)
void OnPlayerEnter (Player *player) override
void OnCreatureCreate (Creature *creature) override
uint32 GetCreatureEntry (ObjectGuid::LowType, CreatureData const *data) override
bool SetBossState (uint32 type, EncounterState state) override
uint32 GetData (uint32 type) const override
void SetData (uint32 type, uint32 data) override
ObjectGuid GetGuidData (uint32 type) const override
void HandleCavernEventTrigger (bool activate)
- Public Member Functions inherited from InstanceScript
 InstanceScript (InstanceMap *map)
 InstanceScript (InstanceScript const &right)=delete
 InstanceScript (InstanceScript &&right)=delete
InstanceScriptoperator= (InstanceScript const &right)=delete
InstanceScriptoperator= (InstanceScript &&right)=delete
virtual ~InstanceScript ()
virtual void Create ()
void Load (char const *data)
std::string GetSaveData ()
std::string UpdateBossStateSaveData (std::string const &oldData, UpdateBossStateSaveDataEvent const &event)
std::string UpdateAdditionalSaveData (std::string const &oldData, UpdateAdditionalSaveDataEvent const &event)
Optional< uint32GetEntranceLocationForCompletedEncounters (uint32 completedEncountersMask) const
virtual Optional< uint32ComputeEntranceLocationForCompletedEncounters (uint32 completedEncountersMask) const
virtual void Update (uint32)
void UpdateCombatResurrection (uint32 diff)
virtual bool IsEncounterInProgress () const
virtual void OnCreatureCreate (Creature *creature) override
virtual void OnCreatureRemove (Creature *creature) override
virtual void OnGameObjectCreate (GameObject *go) override
virtual void OnGameObjectRemove (GameObject *go) override
ObjectGuid GetObjectGuid (uint32 type) const
virtual ObjectGuid GetGuidData (uint32 type) const override
void TriggerGameEvent (uint32 gameEventId, WorldObject *source=nullptr, WorldObject *target=nullptr) override
CreatureGetCreature (uint32 type)
GameObjectGetGameObject (uint32 type)
virtual void OnPlayerEnter (Player *)
virtual void OnPlayerLeave (Player *)
void HandleGameObject (ObjectGuid guid, bool open, GameObject *go=nullptr)
void DoUseDoorOrButton (ObjectGuid guid, uint32 withRestoreTime=0, bool useAlternativeState=false)
void DoCloseDoorOrButton (ObjectGuid guid)
void DoRespawnGameObject (ObjectGuid guid, Seconds timeToDespawn=1min)
void DoUpdateWorldState (int32 worldStateId, int32 value)
void DoSendNotifyToInstance (char const *format,...)
void DoUpdateCriteria (CriteriaType type, uint32 miscValue1=0, uint32 miscValue2=0, Unit *unit=nullptr)
void DoRemoveAurasDueToSpellOnPlayers (uint32 spell, bool includePets=false, bool includeControlled=false)
void DoRemoveAurasDueToSpellOnPlayer (Player *player, uint32 spell, bool includePets=false, bool includeControlled=false)
void DoCastSpellOnPlayers (uint32 spell, bool includePets=false, bool includeControlled=false)
void DoCastSpellOnPlayer (Player *player, uint32 spell, bool includePets=false, bool includeControlled=false)
virtual bool SetBossState (uint32 id, EncounterState state)
EncounterState GetBossState (uint32 id) const
CreatureBoundary const * GetBossBoundary (uint32 id) const
DungeonEncounterEntry const * GetBossDungeonEncounter (uint32 id) const
DungeonEncounterEntry const * GetBossDungeonEncounter (Creature const *creature) const
virtual bool CheckAchievementCriteriaMeet (uint32, Player const *, Unit const *=nullptr, uint32=0)
virtual bool CheckRequiredBosses (uint32, Player const *=nullptr) const
bool IsEncounterCompleted (uint32 dungeonEncounterId) const
bool IsEncounterCompletedInMaskByBossId (uint32 completedEncountersMask, uint32 bossId) const
uint32 GetEncounterCount () const
void SetEntranceLocation (uint32 worldSafeLocationId)
void SetTemporaryEntranceLocation (uint32 worldSafeLocationId)
uint32 GetEntranceLocation () const
void MarkAreaTriggerDone (uint32 id)
void ResetAreaTriggerDone (uint32 id)
bool IsAreaTriggerDone (uint32 id) const
void SendEncounterUnit (EncounterFrameType type, Unit const *unit, Optional< int32 > param1={}, Optional< int32 > param2={})
void SendEncounterStart (uint32 inCombatResCount=0, uint32 maxInCombatResCount=0, uint32 inCombatResChargeRecovery=0, uint32 nextCombatResChargeTime=0)
void SendEncounterEnd ()
void SendBossKillCredit (uint32 encounterId)
void UpdatePhasing ()
void InitializeCombatResurrections (uint8 charges=1, uint32 interval=0)
void AddCombatResurrectionCharge ()
void UseCombatResurrection ()
void ResetCombatResurrections ()
uint8 GetCombatResurrectionCharges () const
uint32 GetCombatResurrectionChargeInterval () const
void RegisterPersistentScriptValue (PersistentInstanceScriptValueBase *value)
std::string const & GetHeader () const
std::vector< PersistentInstanceScriptValueBase * > & GetPersistentScriptValues ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ZoneScript
 ZoneScript ()
 ZoneScript (ZoneScript const &right)
 ZoneScript (ZoneScript &&right) noexcept
ZoneScriptoperator= (ZoneScript const &right)
ZoneScriptoperator= (ZoneScript &&right) noexcept
virtual ~ZoneScript ()
virtual uint32 GetCreatureEntry (ObjectGuid::LowType, CreatureData const *data)
virtual uint32 GetGameObjectEntry (ObjectGuid::LowType, uint32 entry)
virtual void OnCreatureCreate (Creature *)
virtual void OnCreatureRemove (Creature *)
virtual void OnGameObjectCreate (GameObject *)
virtual void OnGameObjectRemove (GameObject *)
virtual void OnAreaTriggerCreate (AreaTrigger *areaTrigger)
virtual void OnAreaTriggerRemove (AreaTrigger *areaTrigger)
virtual void OnUnitDeath (Unit *unit)
virtual ObjectGuid GetGuidData (uint32) const
virtual void SetGuidData (uint32, ObjectGuid)
virtual uint64 GetData64 (uint32) const
virtual void SetData64 (uint32, uint64)
virtual uint32 GetData (uint32) const
virtual void SetData (uint32, uint32)
virtual void TriggerGameEvent (uint32 gameEventId, WorldObject *source=nullptr, WorldObject *target=nullptr)
virtual void ProcessEvent (WorldObject *, uint32, WorldObject *)
virtual void DoAction (uint32 actionId, WorldObject *source=nullptr, WorldObject *target=nullptr)
virtual void OnFlagStateChange (GameObject *flagInBase, FlagState oldValue, FlagState newValue, Player *player)
virtual bool CanCaptureFlag (AreaTrigger *areaTrigger, Player *player)
virtual void OnCaptureFlag (AreaTrigger *areaTrigger, Player *player)

Private Attributes

ObjectGuid _garfrostGUID
ObjectGuid _krickGUID
ObjectGuid _ickGUID
ObjectGuid _tyrannusGUID
ObjectGuid _rimefangGUID
ObjectGuid _tyrannusEventGUID
ObjectGuid _jainaOrSylvanas1GUID
ObjectGuid _jainaOrSylvanas2GUID
GuidVector _cavernstriggersVector
uint32 _teamInInstance
uint8 _shardsHit
uint8 _cavernActive

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from InstanceScript
static bool ServerAllowsTwoSideGroups ()
static char const * GetBossStateName (uint8 state)
- Public Attributes inherited from InstanceScript
- Protected Member Functions inherited from InstanceScript
void SetHeaders (std::string const &dataHeaders)
void SetBossNumber (uint32 number)
void LoadBossBoundaries (BossBoundaryData const &data)
void LoadDoorData (DoorData const *data)
void LoadMinionData (MinionData const *data)
void LoadObjectData (ObjectData const *creatureData, ObjectData const *gameObjectData)
template<typename T >
void LoadDungeonEncounterData (T const &encounters)
void AddObject (Creature *obj, bool add)
void AddObject (GameObject *obj, bool add)
void AddObject (WorldObject *obj, uint32 type, bool add)
virtual void AddDoor (GameObject *door, bool add)
void AddMinion (Creature *minion, bool add)
virtual void UpdateDoorState (GameObject *door)
void UpdateMinionState (Creature *minion, EncounterState state)
void UpdateSpawnGroups ()
BossInfoGetBossInfo (uint32 id)
virtual void AfterDataLoad ()
bool _SkipCheckRequiredBosses (Player const *player=nullptr) const

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ instance_pit_of_saron_InstanceScript()

instance_pit_of_saron::instance_pit_of_saron_InstanceScript::instance_pit_of_saron_InstanceScript ( InstanceMap map)

Definition at line 53 of file instance_pit_of_saron.cpp.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ GetCreatureEntry()

uint32 instance_pit_of_saron::instance_pit_of_saron_InstanceScript::GetCreatureEntry ( ObjectGuid::LowType  ,
CreatureData const *  data 

Reimplemented from ZoneScript.

Definition at line 114 of file instance_pit_of_saron.cpp.

◆ GetData()

uint32 instance_pit_of_saron::instance_pit_of_saron_InstanceScript::GetData ( uint32  type) const

Reimplemented from ZoneScript.

Definition at line 208 of file instance_pit_of_saron.cpp.

◆ GetGuidData()

ObjectGuid instance_pit_of_saron::instance_pit_of_saron_InstanceScript::GetGuidData ( uint32  type) const

Reimplemented from InstanceScript.

Definition at line 246 of file instance_pit_of_saron.cpp.

◆ HandleCavernEventTrigger()

void instance_pit_of_saron::instance_pit_of_saron_InstanceScript::HandleCavernEventTrigger ( bool  activate)

Definition at line 273 of file instance_pit_of_saron.cpp.

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◆ OnCreatureCreate()

void instance_pit_of_saron::instance_pit_of_saron_InstanceScript::OnCreatureCreate ( Creature creature)

Reimplemented from InstanceScript.

Definition at line 70 of file instance_pit_of_saron.cpp.

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◆ OnPlayerEnter()

void instance_pit_of_saron::instance_pit_of_saron_InstanceScript::OnPlayerEnter ( Player player)

Reimplemented from InstanceScript.

Definition at line 64 of file instance_pit_of_saron.cpp.

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◆ SetBossState()

bool instance_pit_of_saron::instance_pit_of_saron_InstanceScript::SetBossState ( uint32  type,
EncounterState  state 

Reimplemented from InstanceScript.

Definition at line 158 of file instance_pit_of_saron.cpp.

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◆ SetData()

void instance_pit_of_saron::instance_pit_of_saron_InstanceScript::SetData ( uint32  type,
uint32  data 

Reimplemented from ZoneScript.

Definition at line 225 of file instance_pit_of_saron.cpp.

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Member Data Documentation

◆ _cavernActive

uint8 instance_pit_of_saron::instance_pit_of_saron_InstanceScript::_cavernActive

Definition at line 299 of file instance_pit_of_saron.cpp.

◆ _cavernstriggersVector

GuidVector instance_pit_of_saron::instance_pit_of_saron_InstanceScript::_cavernstriggersVector

Definition at line 295 of file instance_pit_of_saron.cpp.

◆ _garfrostGUID

ObjectGuid instance_pit_of_saron::instance_pit_of_saron_InstanceScript::_garfrostGUID

Definition at line 286 of file instance_pit_of_saron.cpp.

◆ _ickGUID

ObjectGuid instance_pit_of_saron::instance_pit_of_saron_InstanceScript::_ickGUID

Definition at line 288 of file instance_pit_of_saron.cpp.

◆ _jainaOrSylvanas1GUID

ObjectGuid instance_pit_of_saron::instance_pit_of_saron_InstanceScript::_jainaOrSylvanas1GUID

Definition at line 293 of file instance_pit_of_saron.cpp.

◆ _jainaOrSylvanas2GUID

ObjectGuid instance_pit_of_saron::instance_pit_of_saron_InstanceScript::_jainaOrSylvanas2GUID

Definition at line 294 of file instance_pit_of_saron.cpp.

◆ _krickGUID

ObjectGuid instance_pit_of_saron::instance_pit_of_saron_InstanceScript::_krickGUID

Definition at line 287 of file instance_pit_of_saron.cpp.

◆ _rimefangGUID

ObjectGuid instance_pit_of_saron::instance_pit_of_saron_InstanceScript::_rimefangGUID

Definition at line 290 of file instance_pit_of_saron.cpp.

◆ _shardsHit

uint8 instance_pit_of_saron::instance_pit_of_saron_InstanceScript::_shardsHit

Definition at line 298 of file instance_pit_of_saron.cpp.

◆ _teamInInstance

uint32 instance_pit_of_saron::instance_pit_of_saron_InstanceScript::_teamInInstance

Definition at line 297 of file instance_pit_of_saron.cpp.

◆ _tyrannusEventGUID

ObjectGuid instance_pit_of_saron::instance_pit_of_saron_InstanceScript::_tyrannusEventGUID

Definition at line 292 of file instance_pit_of_saron.cpp.

◆ _tyrannusGUID

ObjectGuid instance_pit_of_saron::instance_pit_of_saron_InstanceScript::_tyrannusGUID

Definition at line 289 of file instance_pit_of_saron.cpp.

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